slide_2“The United Services Domestic Violence Program is a great program.  It has helped me to get up and to move forward in my life.  It has given me hope to work hard for my son and my daughters.  The program has given me the strength to change and to see a new life, and to give others a good example of positive change.

We must continue living past the negative experience of domestic violence.  I would advise women who are going through it to please contact someone for help.  Please be sure to make a safety plan for you and your children.  And to those out there who are hesitating to look for help, please call the hotline before it is too late.

In this program, I can say I have never been alone.  The staff of ladies has been always with me and very supportive.  I am really grateful for every help I have received from everyone at the Domestic Violence Program.”

– Amy*, Domestic Violence Survivor


*Name changed to protect privacy.