Family Services


At United Services, we are dedicated to creating healthy communities.  But in order to have a healthy community, we must first have healthy families and children.  We are committed to providing family and child services that strengthen the families of Northeastern Connecticut by helping parents to develop the skills and resources to raise their children in a safe, healthy and happy household.


pg-header_family-PPPParenting Support Services Program (formerly Triple P)

Helping to build positive parenting skills, for healthy children and families.

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pg-header_family-PEPParent Education Program

Guidance for divorcing or separating parents involved in family court proceedings.

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pg-header_family-GRGGrandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group

Support for grandparents raising their grandchildren due to unforeseen circumstances.

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pg-header_family-IFPReunification and Therapeutic Family Time

A family-centered program working with the Department of Children and Families to plan and implement the safe return of children to their families of origin.

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pg-header_family-FVEPFamily Violence Education

A psycho-educational 10-week program for court ordered first-time domestic violence offenders.

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Access and Visitation

A program offered through the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch to help parents who do not live with their children achieve meaningful, healthy and productive interactions with them.

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