Senior Services


Seniors are a vital and important part of our families and our communities.  But sometimes they need just a little extra help.  Our programs for seniors are aimed at providing the supports and assistance required to help them maintain their independence, remain in their own homes, and remain safe and cared for while living life to the fullest.

18400714_s (2)Healthy IDEAS

Depression awareness and case management services for older adults.

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pg-header_family-GRGGrandparents Raising Grandchildren

Support for grandparents raising their grandchildren due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Anyone who has concerns about a senior is encouraged to make a confidential phone call to let us know that the senior may need assistance. Relatives, neighbors, acquaintances and even strangers can contact United Services if they are concerned about the welfare of a senior in their community. Seniors themselves can also call for a personal consultation of their own. All referrals are held in strict confidence.

Call our main number at 860-774-2020 or call any of our offices to make a referral or get further information.

When to Call

Signs that a senior may be having difficulty can include changes in the following areas:

General Appearance

  • Unkempt or soiled clothing, hair or skin
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing (i.e., no coat in cold weather)

Thought Processes / Emotions

  • Increased irritability, anxiety or despair
  • Increased forgetfulness or confusion
  • Impaired reasoning or illogical thoughts
  • Problems managing money
  • Social isolation

Physical Condition

  • Diminished eyesight, hearing or mobility that is not being addressed
  • Dramatic weight gain or loss
  • Physical illness

Living Conditions

  • Uncollected mail or newspapers
  • Neglected pets
  • Strong household odors
  • Deteriorating living conditions

Situations that cannot wait until the next working day should be considered an emergency – call 911.