United Services’ to hold “Super Hero Fun Day” At Wauregan Clinic on October 15th

Free Family Friendly Event gives Kids a Chance to Meet First Responders

superherofundayWauregan, CT – United Services will hold it’s first ever “Super Hero Fun Day” on October 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at it’s Wauregan offices at 303 Putnam Road, Wauregan Connecticut.  The free event is an opportunity for children to meet and learn more about the roles of first responders and other service providers in their community.

“At United Services we know that children sometimes have anxiety about seeing doctors, riding in an ambulance, or might even hesitate to seek out police officers when they’re in need of help,” said Diane Manning, President/CEO of United Services, Inc. “A free, family friendly event like this can be great way to help children get to better know those in their community who are there to help them, as well honor as the ‘hero’s’ in their own lives.”

The free event will feature games, food, and an opportunity for kids to enjoy various activity such as :

  • Make a Super Hero Cape and Mask at the Art Center
  • Have a Super Hero Photo Opportunity
  • Try the Super Hero Obstacle Course at the Super Hero Training Center
  • Try their hand at Super Hero games at the Villain Defeater Arcade
  • And re-energize at the Super Hero Refueling Hub (food provided by the Danielson Lions Club, courtesy of United Services)

At a time when children may be aware of escalating tensions between law enforcement and their community, this event provides a safe and fun opportunity for children to recognize the heroes in their every day lives – from parents to grandparents and those in personal or professional support roles, to the first responders, police, and firemen who are there when we need help the most.